Futuroscope by Riley


Bonjour tous la monde !

Futuroscope is an amazing scientific amusement park. One of the rides was voted  the best attraction in the world!

There are many themes to the park. Time travel, sea monsters, space, magic, robots and more. We even chased viruses through a woman’s body!

My favorite ride was movie themed. It was based on the animated movie Arthur. We sat on moving chairs that blew air and water at us while we watched a 3D movie with special glasses. It really felt like we were flying! We got chased by rats, spiders and I couldn’t let my hands off the handlebars or it felt like I would go flying! We did a yummy picnic lunch halfway thru the day.

We went to a magic show where the magician disappeared twice, turned 20 Euros into 500, made helicopters and planes appear from nothing, and squished himself into a poster cutout! At the very end he filled the room with bubbles.

Futuroscope was the best amusement park in history!

See yall,

Aurevoir IMG_6688 IMG_6719 IMG_6730 IMG_6731 IMG_6728 IMG_6715 IMG_6712 IMG_6709 IMG_6708



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  1. It looks like it was great fun, and a lovely sunny day to enjoy it in. Am envious of your shirtsleeves…

  2. the first time i saw the picture with the big ball I thought that you guess where really holding it (I bet you would be strong enough! )
    I wish I was there with you guess because i have always wished to go to Paris,I’m practicing my french and i love doing and seeing art!!!
    How does it feel to be in the city of love? hehehehe

    Ok talk to you soon

  3. P.S You rock in those shads on girl

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