Eiffel Tower by Piper :-)


Hi guys! 2 days ago we left Paris after being there for a week. In Paris we felt a little under dressed! On the 6th day we went to the Eiffel Tower. it was raining on that same day so we thought it was a good day to go because less people would be there. the people built the Eiffel Tower for the World’s Fair in 1889. It was supposed to be taken down in 1909 but it was allowed to stay up.

It was a lot bigger than I thought. It was a fun but easy climb. We thought it would be a bit harder than it was. We saw people climbing up the tower in high heels – like I said we were a little under dressed. It was  an amazing view. You could only climb to the second tier and then you had to take an elevator to the very top if you wanted.

We are  raising money for Right to Play from doing this climb. Thanks to all the people who donated.

Piper ❤

IMG_7182 IMG_7175 IMG_7168 IMG_7165 IMG_7151 IMG_7147 IMG_7138 IMG_7137 IMG_7136 IMG_7134


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  1. Wow!!!
    That looked really fun Piper I wish I was there!

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