Life in France by Riley

The few days that we have been in the south Bourgogne has been a blast. It is a small town of 30 people. The gîte that we are staying in has a huge backyard. Piper , Dad and I love to play tag and do bow and arrows. We found the two bows in the shed so we had to make our own arrows, dad helped with that. I tried by myself but then I cut myself. I love playing hide and go seek with everyone because we can hide around the village  and you cannot get lost. Once my Dad and Piper hid so well I couldn’t find them. When I finally found them I started shooting them.

P1100061 P1100058

I love our gîte because there is a big living room, which is a great dance place for us. There is also a piano. I play it all the time, i learned a hard version of the sugar plum princess. Everyone has a instrument. Dad and Sasha have the guitar and Piper the drums.

The gîte  is wonderful for baking, I all ready made crapes,  brounies and I made dinner one night.

Photo on 2014-05-07 at 3.57 PM

Piper and I sleep in a fort we made. I actually sleep beside the fort. Piper is the only one who can sleep in the fort. We have to get on warm clothes because it is the coldest part of the house, but it’s fine.


Time came around for Mothe’rs day. It was a blast. I had to wake up at 6.30 am to make mothers day breakfast. I made crèpes. I had to triple the batch so every one could have four. We bought Nutella and whipped creme for the occasion. When everyone woke up we started to feast.  All of us had mother’s day cards. Dad got mom chocolate from the Chocolate Line, a famous chocolate store where they freshly make the chocolate in the building. This is not ordianary chocolate, it came in flavours: wasabi, cigar, chilli. fried onion and curry.  It was funny. After breakfast we went on a bike ride. We rented bikes for the day. It was wonderfull. It was a beautiful ride along an old train track that is now covered with pavement. Time flew by so fast. After the ride we went home.  A few hours later my dad says “Mothers day is next week.” we all burst into laughter. All that for nothing.

IMG_7366 IMG_1831 IMG_1834 IMG_1832








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