Last day in France at the Castille de Pierreclos By Piper


Castille de Pierreclos was a great castle to visit. The roof of the Tower was  typical for Burgundy but not typical for the rest of France.

In the castle there was a room that had chain mail armour, swords and weapons that you could use and try on. The chain mail armour was the heaviest. You had to put it on wen it’s on

the table and when you have it on it almost weighs you down.IMG_7538 IMG_7540 IMG_7542

There was also a metal helmet which was hard to see and breath in, so imagine what the kninghts felt like when they tried to move!

There were alot of weapons so my dad and I had a sword fight.

There was a special cooking room were they let peasants go and cook there own bread, even though they had to

pay, it was less expensive then owning an oven or buying bread. There were hooks on the roof

to hang the bread so animals wouldn’t get it.IMG_7546 IMG_7547

The last room we visited was the dungeon there were just 2 jail cells which were small, dirty and dusty.IMG_7552 IMG_7554IMG_7519 IMG_7521 IMG_7523 IMG_7526 IMG_7536 IMG_7560




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