Verbier, Switzerland by Piper


A week ago we went to Switzerland to visit a friend of my Dad’s for 2 days.

Dad’s friend Rob had two daughters. One was 5yrs old and her name was Sophia.

The other one was 7 and her name was Elizabeth. I became good friends with Lizzie.


The first day we were there we went to Champez Lac, which is a place with an alpine lake. When we were there we went on a hike that was nearby. The hike was on a mountain and it was very beautiful and steep. At the end of our hike we came across a little river that ran around an island and drained into the lake. It was a beautiful day.


We stayed up late watching James Bond in their cinema room and all slept together with sleeping bags. The next day we went on a hike right out the back door of their house. We hiked up really high and almost got to the top. The view was spectacular.

A little ways up there was a moat that was used to divert water to a town in the valley hundreds of years ago. We also saw big cows with giant cowbells around their necks. I had a great time there and wish we could have stayed there longer.




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  1. Ann Sullivan

    Wow, looks beautiful. And is that your dad on a paddle board? I hope you’re having fun and fitting in everything you want to do for the last week of your trip. Can’t wait to see you and hear some stories.

  2. What beautiful pics. Isn’t it nice to have made friends all over the world. You will treasure these memories forever. Hugs’n’all

  3. Piper this looks liek one of the most beautiful paces you’ve been. Maybe not so much to you becuase you have mountains outside your home door, but to us Prairie folk, the mountains are a world away. I hope you are able to keep in touch with your new freind Lizzie. Maybe she will come and visit you sometime ! Enjoy your last few days and we look forward to seeing you and sqeezing you really soon !
    Auntie Shawn

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