Kent by Sasha :)


Apart from the train we took what seems like a lifetime ago in Vietnam, I had never taken any trains, and excluding the little kiddy ones at the local zoo. That’s one of the reasons that taking the EuroStar train from Paris to Kent, England was so amazing.

Kent is near London, and over 340 kilometers away from Paris, and the speedy train ride was only 2 hours long. As outstanding as it may seem to go from France to England within a couple hours, the part that fascinates me the most is that the train didn’t take a bridge or fly over the English Channel, the train goes under it.

Arriving in Kent, we met Bruce at the station. We stayed with him and his wife Sara, who we met on the Mekong River Cruise in Laos. We stayed with them for four days in their home in Hawkhurst, and we had a great time getting toured around and playing Croquet and having amazing meals.

In the four days we had, we visited the town of Rye, where we climbed to the top of a church and went to an English pub. I love the old pubs that we went to because of the feel they gave off. The one in Rye called ‘The Mermaid’ was rebuilt in 1420, and going inside was different from any bars in Canada. The houses in Rye were also very unique; if it had two front doors the house was named ‘House with two front doors’.

Even after seeing man castles in Europe, Bodium Castle was still different because it’s the only castle we’ve been to, with a full moat. We also went to Go Ape, and parks and pubs in Kent. I loved the towns and everything we did there. I’d love to go back someday.

I think that the girls will be doing more posts on everything we did in our first days in England.

Special Thank You to Bruce and Sara for letting us stay in their home, cooking amazing food and showing us around, and so much more.

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