French Alps and Hiking by Riley

Chalet in VerchaixIt was lovely staying in the French Alps which borders Italy and Switzerland. We stayed in a small town called Verchaix. We stayed on the bottom floor of a house. We had wonderful hosts named Benedicte and Boris.

They had 3 small adorable children. The house was on the side of a mountain and the back yard was a large hill that Piper and I made a waterslide on. The next day we went on the most beautiful hike in the world.

It was called Sixt Fer a Cheval. The trail followed a river in a valley between two large mountains. Once we started our hike we saw a snake! It made us all jump. It was perfect weather for a hike because it was sunny and warm.

We hiked for about an hour and then we found a perfect place to eat lunch. It was along the river. After lunch we found this huge waterfall and we had to jump across a river to get to the base of the falls. We climbed up to the rocks about 3 meters away from the waterfall.

We played around for about a half hour trying to get closer and closer to the waterfall. Finally it was time to turn around. When we got home we decided to watch Nemo! What a great day!

We stayed in the Alps for 3 days and then went to Switzerland to meet friends. Then we decided to come back to the beautiful area.  See you soon, Riley

P1100337 P1100350IMG_8019 IMG_8022 IMG_8029 IMG_8047P1100321


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  1. I’ve never went on a hike,how does it feel?
    It looked like you were having fun. Did you ever get to go under the water fall because that would of been really cool.

    Have you been getting better at the guitar because you look like a pro!

    Have a great day

    – Messe

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