Last days in London – by Riley

Piper already told you about the Museum of Natural history.   I am going to talk about Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Science Museum, Buckingham Palace Change of the Guard and Covent Garden.

Westminster Abbey is huge. It is where all the royal family got married. We couldn’t go inside but the view from the outside was good enough. After that we saw Big Ben. We looked at the big clock ticking. Behind Big Ben we saw the eye. The eye you say is a big ferris wheel right on the side of the river.

After that we were very interested in the Science Museum. It was the coolest. In the Museum there was different exhibits. We went to the flight and the beginning of math. The flight museum was very interesting. We saw all models, new and old, army and racing. People have wanted to fly for centuries.  We saw sketches and models of these flying machines. The math exhibit was cool too. It showed optical illusions and much more.

The next day we saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. There was thousands of people there. The change of the guard is a big parade that happens in front of the Palace. It was amazing.  We ended our perfect last day in Covent Gardens.  We really enjoyed the street performers.  Piper was chosen to be a part of one of the acts.  She balanced a spinning basketball on the tip of a knife.

We did a lot of walking and also took the London underground, known as the tube. I had a great time in London on my last few days.



IMG_8165 IMG_8209 IMG_8205 IMG_8202 IMG_8199 IMG_8198 IMG_8196 IMG_8191 IMG_8180 IMG_8174 IMG_8171 IMG_8169 IMG_8167 IMG_8166




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